Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Water Density!

Ask Us!

Which is more dense, room temperature water or ice cold water?

What happens when cold water (blue so we can observe it) is put into room temperature water?

What happens if that cold water is then heated up?

Halloween Happenings, and more!

Wednesday the 31st we will have our Halloween Parade at 10:45. Please review the costume guidelines that came home (no weapons, etc.) with your child. We will have class centers beginning around 8:45 or 9:00. You should have received an email from Brianna's mom requesting items.
Dismissal is at 12:33. If your child has an enrichment class, all classes will be held at 12:45 until 1:45. We will collect any Halloween candy you wish to donate starting on Thursday to send to the troops. Send in your candy donations to the main office.

This Saturday, November 3rd is our annual Fall Festival from 12:00-4:00. Many of you, 5th grade students and parents, have been creating what is sure to be, an amazing Spooky House! Other parent volunteers are working very hard getting the classroom basket and Teacher Auctions ready for this fun filled event. The library will be closed after school on Friday November 2nd so all the auction items can be set up. Be sure to stop by the library at the Fall Festival to see all the wonderful baskets you can bid on. 
Be sure to bid on a day with your ME, your teacher!
Don't miss the fun and games!
See you all on Saturday!

STUDENT, Parent, Teacher conferences will be held from Friday, November 9th through Friday, November 16th. All days will be minimum day dismissal times (12:33 PM) except Tuesday which will be a regular 1:30 dismissal and Monday, which is a holiday! Your child will be meeting with me prior to the conference to develop goals and they will be conducting the conference so they must be there.
I posted the conference request link here and I will send a hard copy home by Wednesday. Please send your 3 choices in as soon as possible. I will schedule them on a first come, first scheduled basis!

Every Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. help garden and plant at the Welby Way Garden Party. They can use any help and time you can spare.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh, We KNOW We CAN Dance!

Here's a peek at what your donations are paying for!

It's an amazing program. We are enjoying our ballroom dance classes!
Ms. Maureen, our dance teacher, is the best of the best in this program. Room 28 is beyond lucky to have her!
There are more ballroom dance photos on the PHOTOS page. Take a look at how amazing they look!
I will continue to update the "Ballroom Dance" photo album! 

We are learning the TANGO Gold and it is impressive! Ms. Mo wants us to practice
Cross, Point, Cross, Point, N, G, O, Lunge, Slide
in front of a mirror!
Let's keep our promise so we can really impress her next week!

If you would ever like to come and watch, please feel free to join us one Thursday between 10:15 and 11:00.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Save The Date!

Room 28 has set a date for 

Munchkin Mediation: Conflict Resolution in Oz

play on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12TH at 7:00PM
PLEASE mark this on your calendar to be sure you can make it. The kids will be working VERY HARD so we will need 100% commitment.

Please let me know that you and your child can commit to being there! I promise it will be a night to remember! :)
Thank You!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Last Week in Our "New" Room!

Thank you for all your contributions to our classroom! Through theme basket items, Trunk or Treat candy donations, attendance at Movie Night, or visiting me and supporting Welby Way at McTeacher Night! You guys ROCK!

We have a newly rearranged room! Our desks are now in 3 long teams, our books are in the shelves and we are preparing to empty our desks and keep all of our folders in our new magazine file "lockers!" We are pretty excited about being so grown up!
Come in and check out how cool our new learning environment looks!

Congratulations to Orion, our new Student Body Co-President!

Congratulations to Demetrius, our new Student Body Treasurer!

So, last week:

In Language Arts, we read Black Cowboy, Wild Horses, and worked on how to monitor our comprehension by looking at text clues, assessing what we know, and making inferences. We used the Depth and Complexity prompts of Details, Language of the Discipline, and Multiple Perspectives to help us answer the Critical Thinking questions. We are finishing up our personal narratives and should be ready for final draft by next week.

In Math, we finished learning about multiplying decimals and we got really good at it. We also took some time to review Topics 1-6 for our review test on Friday! I was very proud of how diligent everyone was!
For a quick review of decimal multiplication, you can watch the short video below.

In Science, we finished up Investigation 3, Water Vapor. We conducted an experiment where we actually controlled an environment to create frost, which is actually frozen condensation! We will be having the test on MONDAY! Please study your Science Notebook notes and pages Investigation 3, Water Vapor in your Science Resources Book! Click the  link on the left (FOSS Science) to hear the chapters read aloud!

In Social Studies, with Mrs. Gallo, they studied the government, what it is and how it runs. They will have a test on October 22nd. 

Next week, we will go back to Rotations with Mrs. Gallo and Mrs. King! I think the students are very excited about that! I will teach comprehension skills, Mrs. Gallo will teach Writing and Grammar, and Mrs. King will teach Vocabulary and Spelling/Phonics and work on test taking skills!
In math, we will move to a small group model and students will be rotating in groups of 6-8 for math instruction!

Thank you for being involved in your child's learning, It really does make a difference!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Learning About Our New Computer Lab Teacher

Today we met Mr.Regan, our new computer lab teacher. He seems very knowledgeable about computers, and he is funny! I think we are going to learn a lot this year!

Roving Reporter- Tuesday, October 16th

By Logan

Hi, I’ll be telling you about room 28’s day. First we ran 6 laps around the field in the morning. Then about 10 to 20 minutes later we started language arts. We read the story The Life of a Cowboy. After we read we found the text clues, what we know, and inferences. Ring, ring, ring, recess! We all had fun but the time was over. Now it’s math time. We went over our homework and played multiplication and division games for a long time. Ring, ring, ring lunch time! Some kid played infection and some played competition about flips on the bars. The whistle blew and we all lined up. Next Mrs. Slezinger started reading Among the Imposters for 10 minutes. After that we started talking about water vapor and that when metal is cold it attracts condensation. Then we started an experiment that’s called condensation chamber. A couple minutes later we got ice and salt rock and started mixing for 5 minutes and then we scraped off the frozen condensation. Most cups were -11 Celsius. Then we wrote our homework down. Orion, our class President announced if everyone turned in their homework for 2 weeks we will get a treat from Hailey,Mrs. Slezinger's daughter, and watch a movie. This is room 28's typical day.

The End

McTeacher Night!!

Tonight is the night! I am working at McDonald's! Honestly, I love doing this because it's so fun to see everyone there! I have to admit, my favorite part is making the ice cream cones!
Please come to the McDonald's on Platt between4:30-7:30 to support Welby Way and let me, your teacher, serve you!
See you there!
This is me working last year!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New stools for our classroom!

New stools made from 5 gallon paint buckets, fluffy pillows and some Velcro!

Roving Reporter- Monday, October 15th

Roving Reporter
October 15, 2012
by Mason

When room 28’s day started, we had to run five laps in the morning.  During our laps, we saw Nico for five minutes. We had not seen him since the second week of school.  He was just visiting our school.
The cool thing was room 27 got a new student.  His name is Josh.  It was cool, because me and Orion knew him from camp Keystone.
When we got back to the classroom, we unpacked and Mrs. Slezinger put on a song called, Call Me Maybe.  After we unpacked, we wrote a personal narrative for twenty minutes.  Finally after we wrote our personal narratives, we wrote our vocabulary words in our vocabulary book. Later that morning, we studied grammar.  When we were finished we went to recess.
When we got back from recess, we had to change the books on the bookshelves.  Then we work on our math until lunch.
Lunch was great!   During lunch, me and all my friends played a really fun game called keep away.
When we got back from lunch our teacher read a book. The book was so cool I think if they make another one, I would want to read the book.  Next, we had social studies we learned so much.  After social studies, we learned about evaporation forming on a cup.  I really get it. Then in one hour we wrote our homework down.  Instead of homework I wrote what happened at school today.  I still have to do vocabulary tonight.
When the day came to the end, we packed up and said goodbye to Mrs. Slezinger. The lights were off, our chairs were up, the doors were closed and we went home to do our homework. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Please Send in Crystal Light Containers!

Please send in these plastic Crystal Light containers with the lid for an upcoming project.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!!

Roving Reporter- Friday, September 28th

Roving Reporter

By: Danell #13

     In the morning Mrs. Slezinger lead us out to P.E. We ran our laps, did our stretches, and tightened our mussels by doing some pushups, sit-ups, and planks.  After P.E we went to the honors assembly.  A few minuets after we sat down, Heidi said, ‘’I see your mom and dad.”  Immediately I felt joy because I knew that I was going to get an award.  After the assembly we went back to class and the song went off. We got our snacks and went to recess.  During recess I hang out with Jennifer and Chaerin.  Then the bell rang and we lined up.  We went back to the class, corrected our math homework and took a test. At first it was a little hard until I got the hang of it.  After a while the music went off.  It was time for us to clean up and go to lunch. During lunch I were with Jennifer, Chaerin Diego, Sofia, Izzy, and Rohan. When the bell rang lunch was over. It was time for everyone to line up. While we went back to class Orion the class mayor that announced yesterday to the class that we will have a crazy hair day today kept on telling classmate to stop touching his crazy wig.  When we got to the classroom we finish our math tests. Afterwards played a states and capitals game. It was hard but fun at the same time. Eventually we will memorize it.  Once we finished we found out our jobs. Next we started an art project. We traced both of our shoes and hands. Following that we needed to cut them out. Right after we finished, Mrs. Slezinger told us our vocab words. It was already the end of the day and time for us to pack up and get our report card. Last Ori0n and Mrs. Slezinger past out popsicles and we went home. All in all Friday was a fun, crazy and exciting day for me.

Roving Reporter- Monday, September 24th

Roving Reporter 9/24/12
By Mark #20

Today when I got to our line at 7:57, almost the whole class was already there.  While waiting for Mrs. Slezinger, my friends and I started talking about this and that.  When she finally came, she told the class to walk to the field to do our morning run.  After doing 2 laps, the class got in line and we went to our classroom.  When we got there, Jake, the new kid was already outside of the class. We were waiting for him since Friday.  When we got in, Mrs. Slezinger turned on the song “Call Me Maybe”.  While I was unpacking, I heard Jordyn telling Jake what’s up.  Logan got our Treasures books for ELA rotation.  Before we rotated, Mrs. Slezinger decided to put Jake in the blue group, because the blue group was with Mrs. Slezinger.  I was in the green group.  We had Mrs. King for spelling and vocab and Mrs. Gallo for writing.  After we came back to room 28, the music was already playing. The song was “This is Your Life” by Switchfoot. I quickly got my math out and was about to get my snack and go to recces when I realized it wasn’t there!  I searched the room and found it under the V.I.P.’s table. Wow.  The kid sitting in my seat during rotation must’ve thought it was Erik’s. I got my snack and went to recces.  I didn’t hang out with my friends because I had to do the fifty states flash cards or get a HAM. I would rather do it.  While I was doing them, Ashwin and I talked about random stuff like iPhone games.  Then recess ended and I quickly jotted down some notes for this report.  Then I ran to the line.  Mrs. Slezinger took us to class for math.  After doing a quick check, we learned 4-7 (dividing with 2-digit divisors) It was easy but fun.  Then the alarm for lunch came on.  I got my lunch and went to the line. After eating, I went to the library to finish the flashcards.  I finished at 12:00 and went to the yard to play Zombie with Jordyn, Ashwin, Justin, Erik, Mason, and Jake.  Zombie is a form of tag where one person is zombie.  If you get tagged, you and the original person are both zombie.  The last one standing is zombie for the next game.  Then lunch ended.  We went to our lines and Mrs. Slezinger took us to class.  She read some more of that awesome book Among the hidden , and we went to Mrs. Gallo’s class for social studies.  We learned more about the government of the USA.  Then we went back to our room for our science test.  After that school was over.
This is Mark signing off until next time.
J Hope you had fun reading! J

Roving Reporter- Thursday, October 11th

Roving Reporter –Sofia
#18 Sofia  10 /11/12
When I walked into the campus I knew it was going to be the best day ever. I started jogging down the hall. When I got to my classroom, I unpacked, walked outside and was ready for psychomotor. When we walked down the hall as quite as mice. Then we entered the yard for psychomotor. I zoomed off! After 3 laps I was worn out then I had  to go to Mrs. Lauritzen with Kimberly, Katyln, and Keane, it sounded like they were running, jumping, and skipping.
Today in music class we learned a song about all of the Presidents and how they got elected. We learned that a lot of the presidents were in the military or were vice presidents. Everybody was perfectly well behaved. Mrs. Peterson was calm and nice and sweet. The time went by fast.
After that was done, we had recess. During recess Zeina and I went to the apparatus to do flips on the bars. Zeina said, “ I’m trying to do a flip!” Isabel from Mrs. Gallo’s class judged the flips. She named the first, second and third place winners. Chaerin, Danell and Jennifer played the shark tag game. But they had to walk instead of run so Grandma Jan wouldn’t get mad at them. Then the bell rang.
Once recess was finished, then we had the first day of ballroom dance. The ballroom dance teacher is Mrs. Moe. She taught us how to do the Tango-Gold. It was hard at first, but we got used to it. Demetrius, Wyatt and Matteo are good ballroom dance leaders. Zeina, Heidi and April are good partners for the boys.
When that was over, we went to the computer lab and did power points. Some of the power points were really pretty. Jake’s power point had lots of color and looked alive like the ocean. April’s was really clever because I couldn’t discover which ones were true or false. Mrs. Slezinger used her voice and lots of pretty pictures in her power point. One of her pictures looked funny because it was a girl talking a lot with a speech bubble near her mouth.
Finally, we did dazzles. Dazzles are cards that tell good feelings about other people. Sometimes I see people with smiles on their faces because of dazzles. We wrote our names on cards, then Mrs. Slezinger collected the cards and shuffled them together. After shuffling, she passed out the card randomly. I got Keane. I wrote that he is sweet, kind and a good friend. He smiled when I gave him the card.
Afterwards, it was the end of the day, so we had to pack up. Ballroom dance made this day special for room 28. My friends and my fabulous teacher make every day a special day in room 28.

Roving Reporter- Wednesday, October 10th

October 10, 2012
Roving Reporter                                                                                                             
This is Izzy, your roving reporter for today saying hello to each and every one of you! Now, let’s get down to business. To start off the day Mrs. Slezinger took us to the backstops on the yard so we could run four laps around the field. When we were done running, the class went back to room 28 to learn all sorts of new things. We unpacked to the song Put Your Head Up. I love that song! Next we got out our language arts to do some critical thinking on the previous articles and stories we’ve read. Yesterday we read Earth keeping, The Biodiversity Man, and A Historic Journey. That story was about Lewis and Clark’s expedition across the Louisiana Purchase. Then we started to play a fun little game as a brain break called Stand If. It’s a game where Mrs. Slezinger says stand if you… have orange on your clothes. That was just an example. After that we took out our narrative essays that we’ve been working on. My topic is adopting my guinea pigs. Finally the clean up song goes off for us to prepare for math after recess. Usually the clean up song before recess is called This is Your Life. It’s a pretty good song, although I’ve never heard of it. When everyone finished cleaning up Orion dismissed us to get in line for recess. When we got on the yard April and I went to go hang out by the big trees. As we were walking around the tree I heard a loud, “WHOA!!! THAT’S SO AWESOME!” I ran towards April and I saw her staring at the tree. There were tons of red ants and they were HUGE! We called them gi-ants. After that the bell rang and when I was walking towards the line Mark came up to me and April asking us which president we wanted to get elected. We both said Obama and when he heard that he said “Darn it, Obama!” When we got to class we began to do some math. We learned how to multiply decimals by whole numbers and I found it pretty fun. Mrs. Slezinger then started giving checks to the people who did AR. Lior got $840.10!!!! That’s tons of money! After that we continued practicing math. At 11:30 our clean up song went off and this time it was Count on Me. That’s one of my favorite songs. Everyone started getting ready for rotations after lunch for social studies. While we were eating I sat with April and Zevy. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I was SERIOUSLY craving chocolate! After we finished eating April and I went to the bench by daycare. A few minutes later a whole kindergarten class came piling in and started playing, and also drawing cute, little pictures. When the lunch bell rang I walked to the line and we went back to the classroom. Mrs. Slezinger started reading her amazing book, Among the Hidden. I really like that book and everyone else does, too. She finished the chapter and we gathered up our stuff and left for social studies. We did the debate for the presidents and my side was Obama. YAY! After the debate we went back to room 28 for science. As we corrected our science homework Heidi and I passed out some worksheets. We worked on them and the clean up song went off again for us to get out our planners. We wrote down our homework and the bell rang for the end of school. This is Izzy, today’s roving reporter, saying bye bye!

Roving Reporter- Tuesday, October 9th

“Roving Reporter-Jennifer”
By: Jennifer #7 10/9/12
         Hi, this is Roving Reporter, Jennifer with some important reports. Today I’m going to tell you what happened in room 28.
         It was a breezy foggy morning day when I got out of the car and walked to my line. As the bell rang we gathered together and put down our stuff because we knew we had to run some laps. When Mrs. Slezinger came we started walking over to the grass and each of us started to run 4 laps. As we finished we walked quietly to the classroom. Finally, we got into the warm classroom and our morning song went up and we quickly unpacked. Mrs. Slezinger had to do some work so she told us we can read for a few minutes. After that, Mrs. Slezinger gave us a little lesson about writing and we had to brainstorm some ideas for our own personal narrative. Once we got to the end of today’s writing lesson the song went on and we started to get math stuff out. When the song finished the bell rang and Orion dismissed us to recess. It was cold outside so I went back inside to get my jacket and as I walked out we started walking to the yard. At recess I played with Zeina, Danell, Chaerin, and Brianna. Finally, the bell rang so we got inline and went to the classroom. By the time we got in, we had a little talk about IXL and how it was important. A few minutes later Mrs. Slezinger reviewed for the math test and she also answered our questions. Following, we had the math test and I think everybody did well on it because it was just a few questions. At 11:00, Mrs. Slezinger taught us topic 6-1 in math and April said, “That was fun!” and that made Mrs. Slezinger very happy. Once that was done, the song went up and we took out our journals for dazzle cards. Bang, Bang,… that was the lunch bell so we got in line and walked to lunch. At lunch, I sat with Kimberly, Danell, and Chaerin and we played we played shark. Ring, Ring…the sound of the bell went on so we got in line and walked back to the classroom. Afterwards, we took out language arts and read the story “A Historic Journey” and while reading we wrote down the cause and effect. Next we took out our agenda book and wrote down our homework, while we wrote our homework the song came on and then Mrs. Slezinger told us how to write our checks and then we packed up. All in all we had another amazing day in room 28.

Roving Reporter- Monday, October 8th



In the morning we ran four laps.  When we came back to the classroom, our song to unpack was “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Then we did our reflections.  When I finished my reflection, I read my book.

Next we had language arts.  We did practice book, page 83, which was seeing if we knew what our vocabulary words meant.

After that, we got a new weekly assignments sheet, I got a peach one and some people got a green one.  Since we did not finish page 83 in our practice book, we had to write it in our weekly assignment sheet.  We also wrote our reading goal for the week.

For spelling, we talked about plurals, where you change a “y” to an “i” and add “es”.  An example of this would be; changing fly to flies.  Then we added page 91 to our assignment sheet.  We talked about were to put an apostrophe and why you put it there.  We also added page 92 to our assignment sheet.

On pages 164 and 165 in our Treasures Book, we read “The Healing Power of Plants”, “Earthkeeping”, and “The Biodiversity Man”.  We read with our seat partner and I read with Danell.

After that we did a brain break.  Our brain break was to stand in a circle with your group and put your pointer finger in the hand of the palm of the person next to you.  The teacher would start talking and randomly say, “gotcha”, when she said that, you had to grab the persons finger that was in your palm and pull your finger out of the other persons palm, before they got you!

Next, we talked about what a personal narrative is, what it means, what it about, and what words you would see.  Some words you would see are, “I, me, my, etc.”

We talked about some topics you could use for personal narratives.  Then we talked about what text features are.  Then we watched Mrs. Slezinger re-modeled power point presentation about personal narratives.

We wrote a brain storm about a topic that we could write five paragraphs about, then the song, “The Climb”, by Miley Cyrus came on, and we got ready for math.

For math, we did lesson 5-5, problem solving.  We did #1, 4, 5 & 6 in our hard-book.  Our clean up song for lunch, “Count on Me”, by Bruno Mars came on.

When we came back from lunch, we had to try to finish our quick-check.  If we did not finish that, it would be homework.

In social studies, we did work on the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch.  We then talked about finding our more about the Presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

We then came back to our classroom for science.  We wrote the definition of “seriate” and “thermometer”.  We looked at the outcome of an experiment we did on Friday.  I tested how much water was left in the flat lid.

When “Count on Me”, by Bruno Mars came on again we packed up and went home.