Tuesday, January 29, 2013

American Idol

One of my extremely talented and beautiful students from a few years ago, Juliana, will have her audition air on American Idol tomorrow night, Wednesday, January 30th! 
Let's show her some support!
I'm so proud of her!

Peak at the Week

What we are doing in Language Arts this week!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Body System Webquest

Working mostly in class, your team of three will research and complete ALL steps of this quest. Please pay careful attention to the GALA EVENT DATE of
Monday, February 11, 2013
(Due date for all portions of the project, including diagram poster, individual quiz completion, project, interview question completion, preparation for oral presentation with interview, and acceptance speech)

Monday, January 14, 2013

A MUST Watch!

Click here to read the whole story of Conner and Cayden Long

Roving Reporter- January 11, 2013

Roving Reporter-Orion
Orion #5, 1/11/13

         This is Orion reporting just another great day in room 28. I entered the school campus with a cheery smile and an urge to learn. I rushed over to the handball court to start our morning run. After we finished, we went to the blue dots to stretch for PE. During PE we trained and exercised hard for the upcoming 1 mile run. We did jumping jacks, mountain climbers, back and forth sprints, and side shuffles. After that grueling work, Chaerin led us to the class and let us in. As we unpacked Mrs. Slezinger turned on “Firework”. Once every backpack was carefully put in the closet we had to take a vocabulary test. But before that she told us we were making a project on ethics. Next, we discussed our opinion on ethical topics. Towards the end of our discussion an unidentified buzzing noise started to get on Mrs. Slezinger’s nerves. She had Mrs. Hauser come into the room to try to fix it and she did it. Finally, we started our vocabulary test. Somewhere in the middle of it our teacher had to go set up TGI Fridays in the teacher’s lounge. Mrs. Noel came in to watch us and make sure we were quiet in “quiet zone” on our way to recess. During recess, I played prisoner with Justin, Bonte, and Eliot. Towards the end of recess Justin shouted “ the girls team rules” as he threw Jordan out to win the game. Then the bell rang so we dragged our sweaty bodies into line. Chaerin then led us to the class and let us enter the classroom. For math rotations, the purple group went to “At Your Seat” to do 11-4 in our floppy book. My favorite rotation is Teacher’s Choice because I learn in a smaller group and we get to learn in a fun way. After, the music went off to alert us to get ready for lunch. We were dismissed to line up and Chaerin led us to lunch. I played prisoner with Justin, Eliot and Jake. When we got back to the classroom, Mrs. Slezinger read another awesome chapter of Among The Imposters which was full of emotion. We all went ahhhhh when it was over. After that, we wrote our new vocabulary words in our spirals. Once we finished, Mrs. Gallo’s class came in to learn our new art project based on detailed paintings by Georgia  O’Keeffe. Then, Mrs. Gallo’s class left and we picked a flower and started copying it. Suddenly, the fire alarm went off and it made me jump.  We quietly made our way to the blacktop to listen to our principal. I could barely hear her because of all the noise. We came back to pack up while Demetrius shared his V.I.P pictures. It was another wonderful day in room 28. 

Roving Reporter- January 10, 2013

Hi it’s April here telling you the news of today! We started off our day with psychomotor. There were three different stations:  1.Running exercises, such as skipping and running super fast.2. Jump rope/ 50-mountain climbers.  3. Push-ups and sit-ups.

Once we finished psychomotor, we grabbed our snacks and headed off to music. At music, we learned a fun new states song and practiced it for a while. Also we did another little fast song that is very important. 

Then it was time for recess. At recess most people were on the apparatus and others were on the grass.  Also, people were playing handball.

After recess, we had ballroom dance.  During ballroom dance, we learned a few more steps to the salsa. They were fast and we had to get it perfect. One of the moves was the girl had to go under the boys arm. “Go faster and don’t twirl, step and turn,” Ms. Mo explained.                 

We practiced until lunch came. At lunch lots of people were going crazy, but I just drew at the benches with Izzy and Zeina.  I drew a side portrait of Zeina.

Finally lunch was over and it was time for computer lab. In computer lab, we finished up our thirteen colonies brochure. We put maps in, we colored the backgrounds and some of us were done.

We went back to class and room 27 came in to watch the science video with us. It was about the heart and blood cells and how they flow past capillaries. It also explained how the heart pushes the blood cells to the lungs and the whole body.

The music started playing and we got ready for homework. We finished homework and left.       

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do the Circulation!

Watch this to refresh your Circulatory System knowledge.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Roving Reporter- January 9, 2013

Roving Reporter Diego#15

Well! Hello Everybody Diego here reporting for Rm28 News. 
Well first we did laps as usually we all did 4 laps I ran with Daniel but then he started going to fast that I couldn't catch up to him. Then our Teacher Mrs. Slezinger led us to class. I had to take some copies to the office then I had to unpack later because it takes about 5min from class to the office. Then we did Lang. Arts Rotation. I was in the Green Group so we went to Mrs. Gallo. She talked to us about doing an essay for Kite Fighters. When that was over we went to recess I played with Daniel and Logan on the apparatus. Then the bell rang so I went to the lineup area and told everyone to get in line. Then we did math Rotation. Today the Yellow Group learned 11-3 How to add Fractions with Unlike Denominators. Then Mrs. Slezinger told us to do some pages. I did only finished pg 137 so I had 138 for homework. Then the bell rang for lunch. I got 2 pieces of trash and headed to the apparatus with Daniel and Logan. Then Logan started to do some flips so Daniel I went to the Library but the bell rang. Then we went to health and started finishing our Health Study guides. After that we went to do some Science and started to read a our science book about Circulatory System. Finally the Bell rang and we went home. Well thanks for reading and that’s it goodbye! Or is it?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Roving Reporter- January 8, 2013

“Roving Reporter – Jennifer”
By: Jennifer #7 1/8/13
            Hi! My name is Jennifer and going to tell an adventure I had in room 28 on January 8, 2013.

It was a beautiful bright morning and I knew right that it was going to be a great day. So I walked proudly with a huge smile on my face to the handball courts to wait for the bell to start to run. As I started running around the grass I met Brianna and started to wonder how many laps we were going to run. After one lap I saw Mrs. Slezinger was holding up a number 2 so I thought it meant 2 laps. When we got into the classroom we unpacked, did morning jobs, and got ready for Language Arts Rotations my group stayed with Mrs. Slezinger and we talked about author’s purpose like persuade, inform, and entertainment. We had to think of where we could find them like on advertisements, posters, and lot more. Next we made a pie about persuade, entertain, and inform we had to write down the definitions of them. My next stop was Mrs. King we went over homework, did test prep and corrected it, and she let us have extra time that we can do our homework. Finally we got back to class to clean up and get ready for math rotations. Ring, ring, ring… I knew right away that was the recess bell. Once we got into 2 quiet lines we walked to the yard. When I got there I played on the apparatus with my friends and all of a sudden ring, ring, ring….then I thought the recess was really short. But then I just went in line and we walked to class. Once we got to class we started right away on math, my first rotation was at your seat, then hands on, afterwards was math facts, lastly teachers choice and my group did 11-2 and 11-3. I learned about common multiples, least common multiple, and adding fractions with unlike denominators. After that we cleaned up for science.
Ring, ring, ring… that was the lunch bell at 11:30 so we grabbed all our lunches and walked to the cafeteria to eat I had a delicious lunch with a juice. I played on the apparatus with Zenia and she had a whiteboard so we played hangman in the shade. Ring, ring, ring… the lunch was over so we walked to get our lunchboxes and got in line once we saw Mrs. Slezinger and she waved to us to come. At 12:15 she read to us Among the Imposters until 12:35 but then everybody started talking and Mrs. Slezinger said “ If you're still going to talk, then I can't read.” In science we learned a new unit called living system and learned about living cells. I learned that all organisms need water, food, waste removal, and gas exchange. Also we learned organisms called amoeba and elodea. Amoebae are organisms that are very tiny, they live in water, and they are made up of one cell it is also called single celled organisms. Elodeas are organisms that have many cells, they also live in water, and they are tiny, the green chloroplast contains chlorophyll and they are called multi cellular organisms. It was 1:15 and we cleaned up, went over homework, then we packed up for the end of school.
All in all, my day was an amazing day with all my classmates.

Roving Reporter- January 7, 2013


Heidi 1-7-13

Welcome back everyone!  I hope you had a great winter break!!! This morning was freezing cold but that didn’t stop us from running 2 laps. After we ran laps it was time for Language Arts rotations.  My first area was with Mrs. King.  At Mrs. King’s we got our vocabulary words and our spelling words.  After that we did Practice Book pages 137-138.  It was 8:55 and time to rotate to Mrs. Gallo. At Mrs. Gallo’s we started with Practice Book page 140, we then got out our spirals and did some grammar correction. Next we talked about dialogue and we wrote one too.  It was time for Recess and our new class president Chaerin dismissed us.  When we came back we finished a math test from before winter break!!!  We also had time to do some of our vocabulary squares. After everyone finished their test the teacher told us to put away our vocabulary squares and she taught us a class lesson on topic 11-1 in math. It was finally time for lunch and I was starved.  When we came in from lunch we had Social Studies.  At Social Studies we shared our health projects and we watched some climate clips.  It was time to go back to Mrs. Slezinger. At class we cleaned up all of our folders and our pencil pouches.  We got to switch seats!!!  My new seat partner is Demetrius.  It was going on 2:10 and we copied down all of our homework.  Well it was a long and tiring day I had fun and I hope you did to!!!