Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ethiopian Connection

My daughter, Hailey is serving as an English Language instructor in Ethiopia. 

She will live in a very small town called Gimbo for two years beginning at the end of September. She will, most likely, be lucky enough to set up a model classroom. In which case, Welby Way has many amazing books to donate to her and the people of Gimbo. We will need to fundraise for shipping. One of our ideas is letting the students write letters to companies asking for donations, so if you know of a company that might be interested in participating please let me know.
The students will also be personally involved through a program called World Wise Schools which will help promote global thinking. You can learn more about this program here: 
World Wise Schools

Click on the link above to read my daughter's blog!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What We are Learning-Week of August 19th

In English Language Arts this week, we are kicking off our English Language Arts program.  Each morning we will focus on a variety of topics including literary genres, story elements, decoding words, vocabulary  words, comprehension strategies, figurative language, Greek and Latin words, and much more.  

In Math, our class is finishing up Topic 3 - Meanings of Multiplication and Division.  The test for Topic 3 will be Friday or Monday. Be sure to check out our math interactive journals for everything we have learned this week and last. Please review them at home with your child.  The following websites are great ways to practice multiplication...

In Social Studies, our class has been talking about the three kinds of government: local, state, and national.  We have been discussing who makes the rules and why they are so important. Students have brainstormed different jobs within our Los Angeles local government and we are using them to develop classroom jobs! Look for them to come home soon to share!

We used the Monarch butterfly to practice our observation skills.

In Science this week are starting our first Science unit called Magnetism and Electricity.  Yesterday we talked about making good scientific observations and using details to describe our observations.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom Job Development

We are going to research our Los Angeles Local Government and develop classroom jobs!
Use the following websites to help you with your research.

California Government
Brain Pop Government
State and Local Government
Elected Official Offices
Government For Kids

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Recipe For Success

The first day in Room 20 was fabulous! We tried to play a game with no rules, then too many rules, and finally with just specific rules. Ask us which one worked the best!
We also talked about the important things we need to be successful in 4th grade! Below are some pictures from the activity today that will lead to conversation about what our "Recipe for Success" is all about!
Thanks for making it such a positive and wonderful day! Looking forward to an amazing year together. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Welcome to Room 20, 4th Graders!

It was fabulous to meet all of the new Room 20 families today at the picnic. I am looking forward to a positive and amazing year! I can't wait to start our unforgettable experiences together! 
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Here is a sneak peek into our room! I can't wait to watch it fill up with our hard work!

2013 2014 Supply List

In 4th grade we stress preparation and organization. In order to start the school year off right, we are asking you to donate the following supplemental items for your child. Please provide quality items as they need to last all year. Label your child’s name on his/her items and bring them to school during the first week! Thank you!

For the Student
 Pencil Pouch with a zipper (no pencil boxes)
 Colored Pencils (Crayola© is a great choice - at least 24 count)
 Colored Thin markers (at least a 10 count)
 Highlighter
 White eraser (Staedtler© is the best!)
 White board markers and an eraser (an old sock will do)
 2 Single Subject Spiral Notebooks (wide ruled - at least 100 pages each)
 3 Composition Notebooks
 Kid-friendly Scissors
 Ruler
 Pencil sharpener (one that holds its shavings)
 1 pack of pencils (please NO mechanical pencils)
 2 ultra thin fine BLACK Sharpies
 2 fine BLACK Sharpies
 Glue sticks (at least 6)
 Flash Drive
 1 Pocket Folder for Homework (The design and color can be your choice,
but make it extra sturdy and please NO Binders!)
 Backpack (Please do not bring rolling backpacks as we have very limited
closet space to accommodate them.)
 5 plastic or heavy duty (not paper) pocket folders (no prongs) in the
following colors: yellow, purple, red, blue, and green
 Optional: 4 large book covers - students will be asked to cover their
textbooks during the first weeks of school
For the Class
Although the school district will provide us with some basic supplies, it is simply not enough to get through the year. These items are for
the classroom and will be shared by all students. DO NOT label your child’s name on these items. Thank you so much!
 1 box of tissues
 1 container or package of baby wipes
 1 packet or ream of white printer/copy paper