Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week In Room 20

We are entering the last week of February!
It is amazing how quickly time is going!

This week we will be starting a new unit in Language Arts. The theme is THE POWER OF WORDS! Our readings will address this theme for approximately the next 6 weeks.
This week we will focus on making inferences.

This week in Math, we will continue to focus on fractions. We are delving in deep and understanding how to explain what fractions are, how they relate to each other, and where they fall on a number line. Any practice students can get at home is very beneficial.

In Science we are finishing up open and closed circuits and will begin the Physical Science Unit very soon!

In Social Studies, we are focusing on the missions, taking into consideration the opposing point of views of the Spanish and the Indians. 

will be presented on
7:00 PM
(Students need to arrive by 6:30)
We need 100% commitment! Please let me know by email that your child, and hopefully your family, can be there!
It is an event you don't want to miss!
Also let me know if you would like to help with the costumes or the backdrop.

This week is Peace Corps Week 2014. As I am sure you know, my daughter, Hailey is serving in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia. She was presented with a challenge to create a video about what she wishes Americans knew about her country! Of course, Room 20 students are SUPER EXCITED about this!
Please take 2 minutes to let her share the beautiful culture with you. The more views, the better her chances to win prizes and recognition for her work in the Peace Corps, so watch it twice and share it with your friends! 

Our field trip to the California Science Center is this Wednesday, February 26th!

Please bring a sack lunch and a drink. 
Leave money, electronics, cell phones, and backpacks at home!

Monday, February 10, 2014

What's Happening

This week we are continuing to work on fractions. We are learning them in a very conceptual way. PLEASE ask your children about the games they are playing in class and take a few minutes to play them with your child! It really makes a difference. If you need pieces or more explanation, feel free to email me. 

In Language Arts, we are reading the story, Who Was Steve Jobs? and answering questions about the text. The student are really enjoying it and are using the text to make amazing inferences, and at the same time learning what passion and a food work ethic can get you! We are working on persuasive letter writing and using those skills to write to companies requesting donations to ship more books.

In Science, we are working on what makes a motor run! Today was the last day on the computer lab to finish the SCIENCE Photostory, but those who need to finish have until Friday to do so. I have the program on all of the laptops in the class, or they can also visit the computer lab at lunch or recess. We can't wait to share them with you!

In Social Studies, we are learning about life on the missions. I know many of you are wondering if you, I mean the students, will be building missions at home. The answer is no. A project will be assigned with options to chose from, but will be completed mostly in class!

We have a student teacher in our class until May. She is fitting right in and we are happy to welcome Miss Smith to our Room 20 team!

If your child had Mrs. Hauser for iPad rotation, she has made an amazing website for you to watch their movies. If their movie is not there, and they were in the second rotation, they are encouraged to go finish it at recess or lunch! Students who have not yet had the iPad rotation will be making movies soon, so check back later. The link is 
Thanks Mrs. Hauser!!!! We love it!!

As most of you know, we sent 11 boxes of books to Ethiopia. The students were so proud. As a treat I brought injera, the spongy bread popular in Ethiopia, for them to try today! Most of them liked it and might have even brought some home to share!
The students are encouraged to read Hailey's blog posts answering the questions they sent to her! It is actually very informative for adults as well, so feel free to read away! The links are below.

Wednesday will be the class Spelling Bee test!

Friday is Valentine's Day. We will be handing out Valentines and doing some other class activities throughout the day. Please be sure to bring a Valentine for EVERY child, if you chose to bring them. Thanks!

Valentine Grams are available for sale at school until Thursday.

New photos have been uploaded to the PHOTO page!

If you haven't sent in your trip slip and/or donation money for the buses and entrance to the Science Center, please do so as soon as possible. If you need another form, just ask! Chaperones will be chosen soon. Sorry for the delay. Parents who have not attended the other trips will be given first chance, as long as they have a volunteer form in the office and a TB clearance. Thank you for understanding!

February 11th is a fundraiser at Menchies!
February 17th is President's Day- NO SCHOOL
February 19th and 20th is a fundraiser at West Hills Pizza
February 21st is the Father/Daughter Dance

Friday, February 7, 2014

Books to Bele!

Room 20 students packed up ELEVEN boxes of books today to send to Bele, Ethiopia! The excitement that filled their hearts was amazing! The letters they wrote showed insight and caring beyond their years. More pictures can be seen by clicking the PHOTO tab. 
Enjoy your weekend, and be thankful!