What We Do in Room 26

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  1. WOW Mrs.Slezinger you should be a camera director of the nominy for the best movie of the year award!!!!!!!

    P.S. Great photos and a wonderful classroom you have and shall I say you are one of the top 5 of my favorite teachers of Welby Way and just a little hint if you want to find me I am in 5th grade in Mrs.Gallo's class and i am a girl who you should know.. Good luck in trying to find me

    Your Secret Admire

  2. Today I had so much fun learning to solve a math problems in many different ways.

    Here's my riddle

    Name three ways to get out of a house with no entrance or exit with three items. Those items are a piano, a bat and a baseball.

    1. take the piano key
    2. pitch the ball, strike one, strike two, strike three and you are out
    3. cut the bat in half - two halves equal a whole (hole)


    1. I am glad you enjoyed the math! You sure are great at it! You thought of very creative solutions.
      Cute riddle. I never would have figured that out! I am happy you are in Room 20 this year!

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  4. yesterday I finished up my art project using warm and cool watercolors it was awesome I love art.

    here is my joke

    why couldn't the string ever win?

    because it could only tie!

  5. today I went to a really cool orchestra assembly and saw people play different instruments .We also did rotations and room 20 went to Mrs. Dants class and learned about the equator,a compass rose,the prime meridian, lines of longitude,lines of latitude,and the absolute location.

    here is my joke

    what type of flower sleeps in the day?

    a day-zz


  6. today I learned that a book that you like are the ones that you can imagine good thoughts about you as the main character.and in social studies we watched a link on the elmo and review what we have already learned.

    here is my joke
    why did the girl bring 2 pairs of pants to the golf course?

    in case she got a hole in one! ha ha ha

  7. Today I had substitute, her name is Ms. Mcshane, she was awesome. With Ms. Mcshane we first did a test on Winn Dixie, next we went to recess,after that we practiced our kind saying for the assembly tomorrow,then we did math, finally when we got back from lunch we did an art project called Bugs and Kisses. Today was so fun,and I can't wait for tomorrow to see who wins the assembly.

    here is my joke-How do you know that carrots give you good eyesight?

    because you NEVER see a bunny rabbit wearing glasses.ha ha ha.

  8. Hey Mrs.Slezinger Its Kaitlyn i loved the pictures uve taken :)

  9. Hi Mrs.slezinger its Maddy I just wanted to say that the google classroom thing where you do the homework that you gave us on google classroom on the computer it is so cool and fun to do it makes me want to do my homework .

    Love, Maddy