Monday, September 23, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Dodgers are the 2013 National League West Champions!
Wear your Dodger Blue tomorrow to celebrate!!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We have been talking about the "MAGIC NUMBER!"
If the Dodgers win tonight, the number will be 0!
If that happens, they will win the Division Title and clinch a spot in the playoffs!
We should all wear our Dodger Blue tomorrow!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's Ahead For The Week

In Language Arts...

We will be focusing on the long i and its spelling patterns for phonics. Our vocabulary words are: endless, realistic, sensible, protested, paralyzed, and display. Vocabulary books are due every Friday, first thing in the morning.
Sample of a Vocabulary Book correctly completed!
The 4th square is "teacher's choice" and was supposed to be empty last week. 
This week the 4th square should contain one antonym and one synonym for each word.

We will be focusing on character traits, distinguishing between implicit and explicit characteristics. Determining what is directly stated and what is inferred. Please practice this at home, too.

In Math...

We will continue focusing on mental math, properties of addition, rounding, adding and subtracting. 

In Science...

We have learned so many interesting things about magnets. Ask us about the forces of attraction and repulsion! We will continue on our quest for magnetic knowledge.

In Social Studies...

We remain focused on latitude and longitude, hemispheres, and the regions of California. As you know, your student picked an exact location in the state of California. They will be researching information specific to their unique location, as they are exposed to to concepts in class. Toward the end of the week, look for criteria for a California Region project to come home. This project will be completed in class, however, students are asked to bring in items of their choice to develop this creative representation!

September 19th from 11am-10pm is Restaurant Night at Pizza Rev! Look for the flier in your child's backpack on Monday!

How To Access Textbooks Online

The following sites can ALWAYS be accessed using the links to the left.

Pearson Success Net

From the main menu, you can click on OPEN BOOK. You can also check out the video animations of each Topic by clicking on the "TO DO LIST." You can take quizzes and print worksheets as well. This is great to use as a review or as pre-teaching tool.

Treasures Program at ConnectEd 
You can read the book and use the Glossary to complete the Vocabuary Book. You can also check out the "TO DO LIST" and find fun videos and lessons on comprehension and phonics.

If you have an iTunes account on your PC or Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you can download the Science book through iTunes University. Download the iTunes University App first. From the store search the keyword "FOSS" and you will find many resources. Add them to your course manager to listen to the audio of the textbook.

  • You can also access the FOSS Website and do fun activities, listen to the audio version of the textbook, see the vocabulary words, view recommended books, and much more! Go to and use the Username ScienceRoom20 and the password Science4

At this point, there is no online access to the Oh, California textbook/workbook.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Picture Day

Just a reminder that it is picture day tomorrow!! Remember to bring your smiles!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome September!


In Language Arts...

We will continue to focus on Plot Elements. Ask us to explain the Exposition, Inciting Incident (not pictured, but we know it,) Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action , and Resolution! Read a story with us and we will impress you with our knowledge!

We will be working on responding to a nonfiction article and comparing and contrasting famous speeches.
We will also be focusing on summarizing fictional literature. The above tool makes it so easy to develop a clear and concise summary.

We will also continue the process of writing a Personal Narrative. Narrative writing tells a story about a personal or fictional experience. We will work on the process of this skill using brainstorming, graphic organizers and more to help make it less overwhelming.

In Math...

We will finish up learning place value through the millions period. Please take a few minutes to make up BIG numbers, practice them in word form, standard form, expanded form, and by creating an illustration or model. We will, most likely, have a test on Tuesday.
We will then begin focusing on Number Sense, including rounding, addition, and subtraction.

In Science...

We will continue our focus on magnets and magnetism. Last week we discovered that magnets do NOT "stick" to all metals, only those that are iron. We learned that sometimes iron is mixed with other metals to make steel. Magnets stick to steel because it is mostly iron. We even discovered a rock that is magnetic. Ask us about it.
This week we will explore magnet interactions.

In Social Studies... 

We will be learning about exact location, longitude and latitude. The most popular destination to determine was Gimbo, Ethiopia. It is very difficult to find Gimbo because it is SO small, so try to look for Bonga, Ethiopia, which is about an hour away. If you find it and turn it in by Friday, you will receive 10 points.
Click on the following links for fun videos and practice

We will begin studying the four regions of California, focusing on 

We set AR goals on Friday and students should be reading 30 minutes each day to meet their individual goal.
Child ID pictures will betaken on Tuesday, September 10th. Please look for order form to go home on Monday!

Wednesday is September 11th, Patriot Day. Please wear red, white and blue to school. We will have a special assembly and sing American Patriotic songs!