Monday, September 3, 2018

Week of September 4th-7th


Thank you for attending Back To School Night!

What do we need?

Dear Families,
Over the summer, I connected with teachers from across the country, and we organized a Postcard Exchange for our students.
This year, our class will be sending postcards to classes in different states, and we will receive them in return.

I ask that each student bring to class 1-2 stamped postcard(s) to send from our city/state. They should say, or reflect, something specific about our city or state. Please send in by SEPTEMBER 21st.

Do not write anything on the postcard. We will write our letters in class.
We hope to receive a postcard from every state, and we want to see how many postcards we can get from each state! Please tell your friends and family to also send us postcards, and think of us when you are traveling!

What are we learning?

  • ELA 
    • Reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio
    • Characteristics of an Informative Text
  • Math 
    • Module 1 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals (lessons 11-14)
    • MAKER CHALLENGE, "Invent a Sport" and presentation due FRIDAY, 9/7
  • Geography
    • Southeast Region states and their capitals on a US map
  • Social Studies
    • Why did Europeans sail to new places?
  • Science
    • We will begin our unit about Earth’s systems, specifically the hydrosphere and the Earth’s fresh water as a natural resource. Our first lesson will be “How much water is in the world?”
  • Word Knowledge
    • Vocabulary from Wonder and 5 Stem Words
  • Art
    • Romero Britto
  • Other
    • Non-Negotiables

Tests this week
  • Midwest States and Capitals Quiz- Tuesday
  • Stem Words List #2 - Tuesday... know the definitions and provide examples of each stem word.
  • Southeast States and Capital Quiz on Friday
  • Stem Words List #3 - Friday... know the definitions and provide examples of each stem word.

Other News
  • I would love for all Room 26 families to join "Remind," a handy app where you can receive the most important info coming from our classroom. When you sign up, include "Child's Name/Relationship." For example, my mom would sign up as "Wendie's Mom." This makes my searches so much easier and helps me know who I'm communicating with, especially at the beginning of the year. 
  • Send 5th Grade Apparel Orders in by September 14th
  • Send any $ donations to the office please!  THANK YOU!

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